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1- Type of calculation:
2 - Size (mm) - Passes
Length (mm):
Height (mm):
3 - Air / Water data
Qa - Air flow rate (m3/h): 
Air relative humidity (%): 
Qw - Water flow rate (l/h): 
Optimum MCp rate (l/h): 
Ta1 - Air inlet (°C): 
T1 - Water inlet (°C): 
Water / Ethylene glycol / Propylene glycol
       Microchannel heat exchangers with louvered fins circuits
Simulation results of microchannel heat exchangers with louvered fins

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6- Results:

Transferred power (W): 
Pressure drop air (one circuit) (Pa): 
Pressure drop water (mBar): 
Maximun Temperature difference (°C): 
Max. Temp. difference Secondary(°C): 
Efficiency (in temperature) (-): 
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